Our Vision

Our purpose & passion is to connect heaven and earth. We do that by:

Rebuilding Ruins

Bringing God’s restoration wherever we find brokenness in our community, society, nation and world.

Seeing potential in the ruins around us and breathing life, hope and love into desolate places and people.

Equipping and supporting others to rebuild ruins spiritually, relationally, practically and emotionally.

Building Bridges

Raising up and sending out leaders and influencers to build bridges into every sphere of our society, positively influencing and impacting culture.

Building bridges on a micro and macro level through missional living, relationship, strategic partnership, advocacy and entrepreneurship.

Reaching everyone, everywhere with God’s love, hope and kindness. Building bridges into hearts and lives – nobody is out of bounds or off limits.

Creating Culture

Being agents of transformation, carrying the kingdom and setting the atmosphere wherever we are planted.

Cultivating an environment where all can grow and flourish, with equal value and opportunity.

Developing healthy, organic relationships with God and with one another.

Innovating and pioneering new blueprints, models and kingdom expressions.

Our Culture

Our values shape who we are and how we do things. Centred around the three strands of our vision, our culture is built upon these Skylark distinctives:

Bootstrap Themes