Our Community

We are a growing family made up of the following:

Churches and Church Planting

Local church is where Skylark International began. Church planting and adoption is in our DNA and we provide covering and community for the churches that belong to our network.

We will always be passionate about supporting and equipping local churches to thrive, innovating new and pioneering expressions of church and seeing churches and missional communities planted where they are needed the most.


Skylark International is also home to a growing number of charities and we can only see this increasing.

We are committed to creating a meaningful place of relationship and partnership, supporting charities in their aims and objectives as well as providing a space for mutual enrichment and shared values.


Skylark Ambassadors are leaders who represent and embody our vision and values across a variety of different contexts, denominations and spheres of influence.

Through reciprocal relationship, we encourage, support and resource our ambassadors in their leadership context, while being equally enriched and strengthened by the unique skills and experience they bring into the network.


Justice is close to the heart of God and we are committed to advocating for change and making a difference when it comes to the poverty and inequality we see across our world.

We are currently expanding our community to embrace ‘Skylark Advocates’, individuals or organisations who are effecting change, whether on a grassroots or a policy-making level.

When it comes to advocacy, we are developing five focus areas that will permeate our values and core activi

ties. They are:

• Alleviating poverty • Adoption and Fostering • Racial Equality
• Women & Girls • Mental & Emotional Health